Daniel et Jonah Brand / Brand Bros

The dashing Brand Brothers run their production in the small town of Bockenheim am der Weinstrasse, which is the first village of 130 punctuating the most famous wine route in Germany, running down for 85km to Schweigen.

Daniel et Jonah Brand / Brand Bros

Daniel et Jonah Brand / Brand Bros


The Pfalz wine region has an ambivalent notoriety, being famous for quantity as well as quality. It is the second biggest winegrowing region in the country, and many notable producers are making memorable wines, unfortunately sometimes lost in the ocean of industrial plonk being « crafted » on the flatter lands in the south of the appellation. The Bros, at the northernmost point of the region, add a colorful touch to this canevas with their eclectic production that is always focused on drinkability.


Daniel and Jonas have taken over from their father Jürgen in 2014, and persuaded him to switch the whole estate to organic. This conversion happened over a couple of years and is now complete, and with the acquisition of a few more sites, the estate is now clocking in at 18ha. The vines are located for the most part on the foothill of the Sonnenberg (the sun mountain) and are benefiting from a long growing season tempered by the cooler climate of the Haardt Mountains range, which are technically a prolongation of the Vosges.

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The two brothers are genuinely enthusiastic about biodiversity, cultivating their vines like massive gardens where flowers grow wild and insects fly happily. The grape varieties planted reflect what can be found in and around that region: riesling, müller-thurgau, pinot blanc, pinot noir, dornfelder, sylvaner, etc. The wines see long elevage on their lees, very small additions of sulfur, and are bursting with energy, just like the two guys who made them. They undeniably made a name with their now famous petnats, white and rosé, which you can find on most bars and tables which are spreading the thirsty rumors of natural wine. We’d be surprised if you haven’t already.