One of the easiest living wine label to identify, with a bat perched upside down, the one and only Fledermaus, can be found on shelves all around the world. These labels also often brighten the screens we constantly have in hand, looking for the hippest wines to love. With their vibrant colors and visible texture, the wines of 2Naturkinder are guilty as charged of inducing « la soif ». The couple leading this production into the light is without a doubt one the most famous reference when it comes to German natural wine.




Melanie Drese and Michael Völker chose wine later in their lives, when it erupted as a second career. In 2012, they left London, one of the many cities they had lived in over the past few years, in order to take over the family business, which had been passed down in the Völker family since 1863. In the region of Franken, not too far from the shores of the Main River, the estate has a size of about 7ha. They both learn to love wines without additives during their nomadic years, being exposed to them at various wine bars in big cities. They slowly converted the estate to organic/biodynamic viticulture, moving step-by-step, without shaking the family traditions too abruptly with their need for change. The next step was to create a new identity and find a new name, and they were then ready to conquer the world.


Others animals have since joined the party so the bat wouldn’t feel lonely, and their wine offer expanded over the years. All wines are made with the same base principles: no filtration, no sulfur, but lots of love. The Vater and Sohn wines see a very light addition of S02; they were originally made to bridge the gap with the previous public that might have been shaken by the change in the philosophy of the winery. To everybody’s delight, they were a success on all fronts, and brought together drinkers from various spheres of the wine world.

2Naturkinder | Ward & Associés2Naturkinder | Ward & Associés2Naturkinder | Ward & Associés

The estate has grown over the years, especially since 2015 when the couple started taking over a few sites that they began converting, or some others that they planted from scratch, adding multiple fruit trees in the process to promote biodiversity. Melanie and Michael are constantly questioning how their place in the world can sustain a positive and harmonious impact on the nature surrounding them. They do a fantastic job at documenting their ideas and experimentations on their website, where you can read their musings on the life of two winemakers trying to take actions in the present to better cultivate their future.

2Naturkinder | Ward & Associés2Naturkinder | Ward & Associés