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Ward & Associés

Ever heard about the happiness theory?

It’s our favorite Alex mottos :

A happy soil will provide happy grapes, who then will make the winemaker happy. He will then transform it into a happy wine, sending it to the happy agency, happy to share to the happy wine community, thirsty and eager for happy wines. 

Humans are most importants, and so is our planet. Giving space to terroir, we let it express, create and dignify it’s own emotions through us and our pairs. 

Within that big community, we need to celebrate our own team that helps get together all this potential and with their own individual talent, spread it to our world. 

Let’s generate together our happy theory. 





1290 beaubien, east



Andi Mann

Edel and Hans-Peter Ziereisen

Jochen Beurer

Bianka and Daniel SchmittStefan VetterRudi & Rita Trossen

Erich and Johannes Weber / Hofgut Falkenstein

Peter Jacob Khün

Philip Wittmann

Daniel et Jonah Brand / Brand Bros

Andi Knauss


Florian Moll and Sven Enderle / Enderle Moll

Clemens Busch

Czech Republic

Ales Svatos / Porta Bohemica

Jaroslav Tesarik / Dluhe Grefty

Petra Bredova

Milan Nestarec


Joseph Mitjans / Loxarel


Christian Tschida

Maria and Alexandre Koppitsch / Koppitsch

Brigitte and Ewald Tscheppe / Werlitsch

Christine and Franz Strohmeier / Sekt Manufactur Strohmeier



Agnès and Andrea Jesenáková / Slobodne Vinartsvo

Zsolt Sütó / Strekov 1075




Giovanna, Maria and Stefano Borsa / Pacina

Marcin Oz, Sergio and Marco Mazzara / Vini Campisi

Masini, Alberto, Giovanni and Vittorio / Ca’ de Noci

Alexis and Jannis Paraschos/ Paraschos

Chile / Argentina

Baptiste Cuvelier / Agrícola Cuvelier

Daniela and Gonzales Bastias / Viña Gonzáles Bastías


Lionel Maurel / Mas d’Agalis

Damien Bonnet / Domaine de Brin

Jérome Lambert

Jeremy Quastana

Andrea Calek

Ludwig Bindernagel / Lulu

Julien Guillot / Le Clos des Vignes du Maynes

Jean-Jacques Morel

Eric Bouletin / Roucas Toumba

Julien Sunier

Séverine et Vincent Gaudry / Vincent Gaudry

Ghislaine, Erwin, Charlotte et Stéphane Dupeuble / Ch. des Pertronières

Antoine Sunier

Olivier Pithon

Henri Le Roy / Aigle à deux têtes

New Zealand

Gregory Collinge / The Supernatural wine Co.

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GERMANY, Clemens Busch, LS Riesling Trocken Mosel 2018 GERMANY, Schmitt, Frei Korper Kultur 2018 GERMANY, Vater and Sohn, Muller Thurgau 2016 GERMANY, Weingut Brand, Riesling Vom Berg 2018 GERMANY, Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn, Rheinschiefer 2016 GERMANY, Weingut Wittmann, Riesling 100 Hills 2018 ARGENTINA, Cuvelier Los Andes, Coleccion 2013 AUSTRIA, Nikolaihof, Grüner Veltliner 2017 AUSTRIA, Nikolaihof, Elisabeth tradition 2015 AUSTRIA, Nikolaihof, Riesling Vom Stein Federspiel 2008 AUSTRIA, Nikolaihof, Riesling Vinothek 2000 AUSTRIA, Nikolaihof, Riesling Im Weingebrige Spätlese 1983 SPAIN, Loxarel, A Pèl Penedès SPAIN, Loxarel, A Pèl Ancestral Brut Nature 2019 SPAIN, Loxarel, Ops 2019 SPAIN, Loxarel, Vintage Brut Nature 2014 SPAIN, Loxarel, 109 Gran Reserva 2005 FRANCE, Domaine De Brin, Les Pierres Blanches 2018 FRANCE, Domaine de l'Aigle à Deux Têtes, Côtes du Jura 2018 FRANCE, Domaine de l'Aigle à Deux Têtes, Côtes du Jura Pinot Trousseau 2018 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Côtes Catalanes Mon P'tit Pithon 2019 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Mon P'tit Pithon 2018 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Côtes Catalanes Carignan 2018 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Côtes Catalanes Cuvée Lais 2018 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Cuvée Lais Côtes du Roussillon 2017 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Côtes Catalanes La D18 2017 FRANCE, Domaine Olivier Pithon, Côtes Catalanes Le Pilou 2016 FRANCE, Château des Pertonnières, La Prébende 2018 FRANCE, Julien Sunier, Fleurie 2018 FRANCE, Julien Sunier, Wild soul 2018 FRANCE, Julien Sunier, Beaujolais Gamay Régnié 2018 FRANCE, Julien Sunier, Régnié 2016 FRANCE, Julien Sunier, Morgon 2017 FRANCE, Roucas Toumba, Pichot Roucas 2019 ITALY, Paraschos, Orange One 2017 ITALY, Paraschos, Orange One 2014 NEW ZEALAND, And co, The Supernatural 2014 NEW ZEALAND, And co, The Supernatural 2018